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As The Veteran’s Closet continues to evolve we thank you for visiting our website. We also want to take this time to thank the many volunteers and countless people who have worked with us. If it were not for your selfless sacrifice we would not be where we are today.

Can you imagine having a sibling without food, clothes or essential items? How about knowing your family members are having a challenging time providing food for their family? It's not a good feeling, we at the Veteran's Closet feel that same way when we think of our fellow comrades that are faced with these situations. As fellow Veterans we strive to assist where we can to help our fellow comrades and their families.


After retiring from the United States Army with over 21 years of service and then working as a  State Veterans Service Officer for several years  easily recognize that their situations could be that of mines and my my families.


Our board in comprised of over 150 years of military service and counting. What once started as a gathering of military friends doing community service projects within the Veteran community has evolved into so much more. We cannot express enough what your help and support means to us.

The Veteran’s Closet supports the mindset of educating our communities regarding the needs of our military veterans. We see hearts change, we see people grow with a new sense of patriotism, and mostly we see the lives of Veterans transformed.

We are Stronger Together!

Lena Payton-Webb


United States Army Retired




Michael Webb

Vice CEO

United States Marine Corp


David Wright

Secretary/Director of Operations

United States Navy


Menza Wright

Vice President

United States Marine Corp & US Army


Dr. Grace Johnson


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